Anyone live or are from Italy?

We are married for 9 months :) live in Italy..We hardly go out on dates cause money is tight, what else is there to do here in Italy besides the usual biking on the same roads, watching movies, and computer..And I'm from LA where everything is 24-7 open,its just so different, any advice( would prefer people from Italy,thanks)


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  • where in Italy are you? do you like hiking? there's the dolomites.

    do you like kayaking? there's lake garda.

    do you likes museums? there's a bunch in venice.

    do you like shopping? some large markets open on weekends.

    • in bologna, yea all those stuff we like but we are always on a budget and yeah we go sometimes on the markets that they have on sat and sun, but that's bout it. you live in italy?

    • yes I live near venice and verona

    • oh cool I never been to venice, I would love to go tho :)