Advice needed! To go or not to go?

My friend since age 9 has invited me to go out for drinks with her and some other girls for her 21st birthday this Friday. I'm not sure if I want to go because I do feel betrayed by her still since she started dating a guy I dated last year. I don't hate her, but I still dislike the situation, and my boyfriend hates the guy she's with, so I basically haven't seen her or him for a few months now. Another girl I used to be best friends with will more than likely be there & we haven't talked in over a month because she stays drunk & goes out 24/7 (not to mention she parties with a group of people that hate me for not partying with them, I mean REALLY hate me). I feel like it would be awkward, and I don't know if I should go. What would you do in my situation? Suck it up, or stay true to my feelings?


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  • You said they hate you for not partying with them. Along with a few years of not staying in contact. I think you should plan something else and just let that friend go. You were fine with out her after she started dating that guy, and you will remain fine.


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