Is it bad if a person you like hangs out with the opposite gender sometime?

I really like one of my friends and she said today that she's hanging out with one of her friends

Now I've liked her for a long time and I was prevented from askign for a long time cause she got with one of her friends.

I don't know if its a guy but since she has gotten with her friend before, if it is, should I be worried? Only reason I'm wondering is cause she has a lot of guy friends but she's never really hung out with them afaik (or as much as we do at least lol) >_>


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  • its not a bad thing.

    one of my female friends has mainly guy friends that she hangs out with, but she's not interested in any of them.

    one of my male friends has a lot of female friends that he hangs out with, but he's not interested in any of them.


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  • Not on the person you like part.

    It's bad on your part if you think that someone can't hang with the opposite gender with no sexual intentions or that you feel it's that much of a threat.

    • lol its just that we were getting really close and I thought we were gonnag et together since it was going really good and I was about t o ask and then one day she said she was gonna hang out with a friend and then the next day they were together so I'm still sort of hurt by that lol

  • its not bad is she's gotten with her friend that doesn't matter aslong as they are done

    but don't be shy take a chance if she turned you down give her time cause she might regret that decision trust me it happened to me but I never got the second chance so ask her out tell her you want her to be yours life is about taking chances, putting yourself out there and not being afraid to fall because eventually somebody will catch you and never let you go <3


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