She said to hit her up so we can hang out..

I sent her a text saying how we have such a short amount of time to enjoy summer now that summer term is over and fall classes are starting soon.

She said, "yea, hit me up so we can hang out :) "

And she's mentioned hanging out before, like suggesting we do stuff and spend time together etc.

Problem is, I like her, she knows I like her. She even kinda flirts with me (our legs will touch, sit close to each other, very touchy feely with each other and teasing/playful with each other), but she said she values my friendship and wants to stay friends.

So I don't know even after she said lets stay friends she still is "flirty" with me, and I don't want to hang out with her if she keeps doing that cause I'm just gonna start kissing her neck at some point and she's gonna be all like what the f*** are you doing.

Should I just not talk to her? I can't only be friends with her..unless I find someone else and lose feeilngs for her.

Or where should we hang out so that I'm not tempted and we can just hang out as friends? Maybe like lunch somewhere? As opposed to drinking or partying lol


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  • Some girls want you to fight for them. I mean not literally, but maybe you SHOULD make a move. If she's flirty then she must like you at least a little. She might say that to see if you'll go the extra mile to prove yourself. So hang out with her. Kiss her. If she says she just wants to be friends you should tell her that's not good enough because you clearly like each other. It's a 50/50 shot. You'll either gain the girl or lose the friend, but if she's just going to tease you, you're in for a lot of torture. Hope everything works out for you.


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  • how about you go to a purity ball with her

    if you try to kiss her neck there you have a problem, or soon will have

  • Stop being mister nice guy door mat for her. If she's not interested, and you are, you guys can't be friends. You need to cut her off, and stop contacting her, and tell her why. You can't be "just" a friend to her. If she wants you in her life, she has to WANT you. Otherwise there's no point.

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