Whats the best first date?

What's the best first date you've ever had? What was good about it? How long did it go for? What'd you both ware? What things did you talk about? Etc etc


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  • On the first date with my last boyfriend we met at his and played video games then went and got a few jugs of beer (oh it was his birthday btw) and played pool. As it was his birthday I paid for both of us to go to the zoo. We were pretty drunk but it was super fun and got to see the pandas :D Then we went to the botanic gardens and fell asleep near this really pretty lake on top of a hill. Lasted all day and we talked about everything and anything. All first dates after that never measure up. Shame he turned out to be a twat though.


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  • Went to a school dance together, it was alright. after we went to the movies and threw popcorn at each other and shared a soda. then we went to the park. we watched the stars and laid on the grass. we talked about the dance and movie. then I fell asleep on his chest and he carried me most of the way home. It was a great.

  • my best first date was when the guy spent all his money on me.


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