Should I dump him? Am I over-reacting?

So, how was your night?


Just F&$%# peachy :]So my recent boyfriend has been really "sick" for like two days now, too bad he is in another town for a while so I can't bring him a hug and chicken soup. But I mean it can't be too bad, after all he probably recuperated by now, completely healed, since I stopped texting him so he could "rest."

And I know he is feeling might fine since the girl who likes all his posts and probably likes him is hanging out with him tonight and some other random guy.

Makes me feel F*&#@ great considering he also never texts me or cares to ask how I am doing for a change.

So gals and boys:

Am I over-reacting?


Should I dump his ass?

Ok, so he was "sick" right?

So I was like "ok hope you feel better rest up" and then stopped texting him so he could rest and recover, how selfish of me right?

Well a full day went by and I decided not to text him, he never texted me back or first as usual.

So that same day I saw some girls post that said they were going to hang out, with another boy included but still. It is obvious that that chick digs him and that he is not sick. I had asked him if he had the flu and he said maybe.
Isn't the flu contagious?

It's obvious he doesn't want to talk to me, and that hurts my feelings.
Why do boys suck at communicating?


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  • if he never texts or calls, doesn't ask about you, is chilling with another girl... I think it's safe to say he isn't all that invested in you... if there's nothing worth fighting for, then my vote is for dumping his ass :p


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  • Gee, give him a break, probably just tired, maybe a cold or something. Maybe you're not the center of hs universe. Do you really NEED to be the center of his universe?

    • No I do not, but a hey, once in a while would be nice.

  • you stopped texting him so he could rest? don't see your logic there...

    Would you care to elaborate a little about the situation? I'm not trying to be harsh but it seems like a mindless rant, rather than a well structured question looking for answers.

  • Did you ever tell him how it makes you feel?


What Girls Said 3

  • If he's having the time of his life with some else, I'd say dump him

  • Maybe you should get back to texting him and if you think this is something that's not worth dumping him over, you should just be straight forward and ask him about it. If you don't think he's woth it then dump his ass. From the way you explain his comunication skills you can definitly do better than that XD

  • Dump him. He's being a doucher.

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