My first date outfit!?

Ok, I've been told I have a square wardrobe. In the summer I wear jeans and t-shirts. In winter, some long sleeves and sweaters over the tees. Add some sneakers, there you go.

Now for a date, I put on dress shoes rather than sneakers. If its winter, I pick a decent shirt or sweater over one.

If it's summer, I pick a casual button down shirt, blue jeans, and dark shoes.

I had a date scheduled for a bar, but she then suggested an Irish festival. Does what I mentioned above seem appropriate for that setting?

Note: It's our first in person meeting. We met on okcupid


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  • What are you supposed to wear? I think this sounds fine. Make sure it all fits well, though. Is there something specific you want to change?

    • No I just had this one girl (who I wasn't dating) tell me my wardrobe was a bit boring and square. Therefore I want to look casual and good without succumbing to that.

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    • I don't wear logo tees on a date, that's what I'm saying. But my wardrobe is limited. I ended up wearing a casual black button down and blue jeans. She wore an Irish tee shirt and skirt. Anyway thanks

    • Hope your date went well :)

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