What is dating vs exclusive?

I'm just wondering what the difference is? Like what is dating? I think dating is when two people are seeing only each other, same as being exclusive.

What is the difference between dating and when you're seeing only one person?


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  • Dating, is like you guys go out on a date. You see each other and you are only thinking of the other, and if you go out on a date with someone else in the middle of all of it, it could hurt you. But in the end, both of you can hang out and be with other girls/guys. Where it is being exclusive is when you both have the knowledge that you are the girlfriend and he is the boyfriend. No guessing games, and if he flirts with another girl is definitely crossing the line.

    So yeah, dating is hanging out. Basically friends with benefits, with the mindset that one day you and him will be in an official relationship. Which is what makes it different than a real friends with benefits. And exclusive is just you and him and no one else. If this makes any sense whatsoever.

    • Okay. Yeah like I went out to a guy's house and stuff, just the two of us. My mom says that's like a date. I'm so new to this, even now after two years in University ha ha.

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    • feel about this.

    • Yeah I always thought when someone said we're dating, that they were exclusive. But yeah, my mom says dating is when you see someone but are able to see other people. So I thought I'd better ask people my age and see what the modern term means ha ha. Thank-you very much, still confusing cause of the two versions, but oh well.

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  • dating is you're hanging out with someone trying to see if they're relationship material and you both can see other people

    exclusive is you already know they're relationship material and you're not seeing anyone else

    • So does a guy ask you, "Do you wanna go exclusive?" How do you know if you've had a boyfriend? I saw a guy four times in three weeks (like every weekend for three weeks) and my mom says I could have called him a boyfriend, but I just saw it as hanging out (with kissing involved ha ha).

    • i see it as hanging out as well