How do you know if there's something there?

Last Friday night, my brothers friend (who I might have a thing with, I don't know) came over to hang out. My brother ended up going downstairs at like 11:30, but his friend and I stayed outside talking until 4:30 in the morning. Everyone thinks that there is something between us but I can't tell for sure. Even my brother said that there has to be something there if we can have a 5 hour conversation completely sober haha. Do you think there is something between us? Or do you think he's just being friendly? How do I know for sure? I'm lost lol


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  • your brother kinda sounds like a douche if he leaves you two out there for... 5 and a half hours. But yeah there's def something there.

    • Hahah he went inside with his girlfriend, but I actually didn't mind if he left, I just kept talking to his friend. I just wonder if his friend was just being friendly or if he wanted to be there

    • well if he did, he'd ask for your number or if you had plans on a certain date

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