Why do young women date men a lot older?

I'm trying to understand my attraction to men 30 + Would you say it's due to never having a father in my life or the novelty of it, or even both? I'm pretty mature for my age but I'm not sure if I'm crossing a certain line here. My friends do not approve at all but I just find an undeniable attraction and an increase in intelligent conversation. If I date a man my own age the relationship lasts 2 months max compared to when I date older. Is it just me or men my age/the attraction of someone older?


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  • Here are my theories on it...

    > the whole father figure thing (as you mentioned)

    > the novelty (again, as you mentioned)

    > dating guys who are beyond that 20 year old posturing stage (as many guys that age do), so they're not into showing off as much.

    > dating guys with cooler toys. After all, most older guys have nicer cars, maybe a bike (like someone I know), and their own place, rather than living with 2 other roommates.

    > Different stories. High school stories barely even count now for us. Our good stories start with "When I was overseas in ______ last year...".

    > Their idea of going out for dinner is a little more than debating between McDonalds and Burger King.

    > Attire: to most of us, this is Hollister link This is just people waiting to be laughed at link

    > Different social circles; older guys don't view a night out as solely house parties or raves.

    > It's nice going out with a guy who drinks at a reasonable pace, rather than impressing his date by downing 6 tequila shots back-to-back.

    > Different perspective on a lot of things. I'd have never guessed it at 20, but it's amazing how much I've changed from my 20's to my 30's.

    > We're still cute. :)

    Or, it could just be that you see a physical attraction in older guys. Some people like blond hair, some like tall people, you could just like guys who're older than you. Hmm... do I know a guy in his 30's that's single...lemme think... :)

    • I agree with most of your points, but as a man you have a broader insight into it. Very good answer, especially the high school stories mention. You aren't single by any chance? Just joking *nervous laugh*

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    • To be completely honest, I hardly understand women either. I think that is what happens when you decide to make something simple more complicated than it is, overanaylising behavior that is. At the risk of sounding rude, is it due to not finding the right person, not caring about marriage in general (the idea isn't that great) or are you the heartbroken divorcee?

    • Not rude at all. I came close to being married once, but things didn't work out. After that, I just haven't found Ms. Right. And no, it's not because I'm comparing everyone to my ex-fianc?e; I just haven't found the right girl yet. My shyness doesn't help much in that arena, either.

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  • I'm like you, I am attracted by this range of age. Actually, my father is 45 years older than me so associating with guys in their thirties doesn't shock me. I am well-read, let's say rather intelligent and I often find men my age (I'm 20) are simply boring. However, at first, I had tried to involve myself in relationships with them but I failed : I have to admire someone to love them and unfortunately guys my age don't check this. Moreover, in my family, most of my cousins are in their thirties so I finally feel more at ease with men in their late twenties-thirties.

  • You think they're more mature, when in reality, it really depends on the individual. I know plenty of silly, shallow 40 year olds still prancing around in Hollister shirts and keggers, trying to pick up girls young enough to be their daughters.