She blocked me and changed her number after 7 months of dating?

She and after 2 weeks from disappearing she replied to me by saying... I had to step on my heart and do that...

she didn't tell me why she left... and she is avoiding all contact with me...

we were so good together and now she does that...

why won't she tell me?

Anyway problem solved we talked about it and we broke up


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  • She might have just broken up with you over some rumor.. It must've been bad if she did all that..

    Or maybe she did something really bad, thought she didn't deserve you and didn't want to keep in contact with you..

    I really have no clue what went through her head.. I'm sorry. :/

    Did you try talking to her close friends about it?

  • she is a bitch. wants to wipe you completely off the earth and out of her life. move on you don't need someone like that in your life


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  • She is done with you. When a girl does this it's best to move on. She doesn't want to face you because she has moved on already, possibly to someone else. Stop chasing her. All you are doing is boosting her ego and putting her on a pedestal by trying to communicate with her. Move on and date other girls, period.