It's always me texting first!

yeah so I liked a boy he liked me then he stopped liking me I got hurt got depressed we fell out made up again and now we are just gonna be friends I still like him but he doesn't know that,

anyway, I always get this urge to text him! and I don't want to because its always me texting first, what should I do to try and get him to text me first, so I don't look silly and desperate


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  • If you have a reason to text him.. Text him

    What happened that made him not like you?

    And befor you found out he liked you how much did you text him then?

    • thats the thing:/ nothing happened one day he just stopped and that's what hurt me because everything was going perfect, basically he told me he liked me as soon as I got his number, we texted literally all day,

    • And you told him you liked him to right?

    • yeah :/ we texted for about a month, until he told me he didn't like me anymore, when I saw him round school all I could say was hi, because all his friends would annoy him, but he comes out with me and my friends who are also his age now, and we talk,

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