Do you think online dating is retarded?

I personally don't like online dating, I mean part of it its because I have sent 20 messages and I haven't had an answer...but the biggest reason, is that it seems that everybody is just so pikcky you know? I mean it seems that they will only talk to you if you look like a model you know? plus the fact that you met somebody on the internet it just a little bit weird IMO


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  • Okay I tried internet dating once for 24 hours (you have to be on it that long before you could delete it) and I got 64 messages. In my opinion it might have been because the female to male ratio is off or even the fact that when you are on these sites your ego is constantly getting stroked, every man on there is trying to get your attention. I really think that it gives women a higher perception of their own attractiveness and of course they aim higher. Also A LOT of people on these sites use it to get laid. Just my own thoughts on the matter. Possibly try a few other sites, update your profile or it could even be the messages you are sending. Could you maybe give me an example of a message?


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  • It kinda cheats the relationship. Instead of getting to know someone and asking them what they like or dislike, you can just as easily look it up online.


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  • Yes for these reasons

    1. My personality can't fully come out over a computer screen

    2. No responses from women that's average looking or higher. Quite naturally, the whales will respond in a few hours. I tested it multiple times. Huge girls will likely respond and try to carry on conversations.

    3. The good ones lives nowhere near me.

    4. All women profiles states "I like to shop, travel, and try new things" and that's it. And?

    5. Women online are twice as boring than in real life.

    6. Most are just looking for flings

  • Most of it is crap. BUT, I have known more than one success story. Including my own brother who has been married for 6 years to a woman he met on an internet dating site.