How do guys feel when a girl turns away when the try to kiss her?

My ex boyfriend told me that I'm a terrible kisser so I was afraid to kiss my recent boyfriend every time he tried to kiss me I would turn away. I felt really bad about it but I never told him y I wouldn't kiss him. How did my boyfriend feel when I turned away? Also if you have a girlfriend that isn't a good kisser does that make you stop liking her?


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  • One, it will be confuse the hell out of your boyfriend if you don't tell him why you keep turning away.

    Two, how else are you ever going to learn how to kiss if you don't?

  • Any girl can be a good kisser, your ex sounds like an ass. Your new boyfriend is most likely worried you don't care about him. Tell him the reason you haven't been kissing him so he knows that it has nothing to do with him. Then if you want, kiss your new boyfriend.


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