The rebound to get back out in the dating it unfair or necessary?

or both? to you and to the person you're rebounding to...

I kinda have mixed feelings on this subject. I feel it's necessary but it should be clear to the person you are dating with on a rebound that you still have feelings for your ex and it shouldn't be someone who really REALLY likes you or someone you could really really like in the long term because your heart just won't be in it.


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  • The thing about this is, many people could be over their ex but still don't want to be serious with anyone. Relationships are about a matter of chance. There are always chances that someone will have feelings for an ex no matter what. Telling someone you still have feelings for an ex will get you shot down, especially for guys. Guys are given the boot when they are open like that. Some people just don't want to let go of an ex or move on.

    When you think about it technically, everyone that moves on from someone is on some sort of "rebound". There are some people that develop feelings in a "rebound" relationship and it's lasts a long time if proper chances are given. Then there are people that develop feelings but still throw it all away because it got "too serious" or it went "too fast".

    It's necessary because it's called moving on, but you shouldn't lead someone on from the beginning because it confuses the good people out there once they get left and excuses are made. There are not many people that will date someone that isn't over their ex. So the clear thing to do is don't get into a real relationship and keep things casual, but don't mention an ex or a past relationship because it raises a major red flag. Just go with the flow and obey chemistry.


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