I'm really mad at this guy I'm dating and I'm sick of him confusing me.

So I've been dating this guy for almost two months now. We agreed that we would exclusively date to see where the relationship goes. I met him on a dating website and yesterday we had a weird moment where I was telling him how I was dieting and what worked for me.

He (like many other people actually) had a very strong opinion of how I should go about it and I went through it with him about how that doesn't work for me in detail. Then he just gave up and said don't eat for a month then. This was all in text, I couldn't get the tone. I replied like normal and told him that wouldn't work either.

Later I asked him if he was annoyed with me, again in text. He said no. I asked and said a couple of other things and he gave me a bunch of one word answers that made me feel odd. So the next day I checked the site I met him on to see if he had logged in and what to you know HE DID.

We went through this before, because I'll admit it, I'm pretty neurotic and it freaks me out when I feel like someone is mad at me, so I wanted to see this time and the last time we had a sort of disagreement if he'd go back to the dating site and he did. So I said well fck him and put my profile back up there and another site to which I actually ACCIDENTALLY found him on the other site. Now the idea of it being a coincidence is out of the window for me.

Here's the kicker, after being on the sites late the night before, today he texts me a whole bunch and I'm just blowing him off because I really don't need this BS after going through a heart crushing breakup with my first love. I don't need BS from my rebound, seriously. He's all up my butt with these long texts and saying stuff like "I downloaded this movie but it looks too retarded to watch on my own"...ohhh hint hint nudge nudge.

Now I'm just annoyed and would like someone to make sense of this jerk for me.


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  • How can you make sense of a jerk?

    So, he wouldn't be the first guy who, rather than listen, wants to fix your problem. Guys can give all sorts of undesired advice and rather than explain why their idea won't work, it is better to either drop it or let them know you just wanted an ear, not advice. Oh, and honestly, talking about diets with your man just overall is a bad idea, especially trying to do it by text.

    The fact that he runs to other women (or tries to) when anything goes a little hazy between you two is not a good sign. It is amazingly immature and a huge red flag. Sounds like you are well on your way to ditching this guy, so keep up the no contact and move on. Good luck!

    • Thank you! I find that people in general however all think they know the secret to dieting success. I have lost 80 lbs in a year and I have people who couldn't lose a pound if you'd pay them still telling me what I should do. It's terribly annoying.

    • Yes it is annoying, that is why I wouldn't discuss it with anyone. Seems when it comes to the world of nutrition and exercise, everyone has their own pet theories. Guys also are from another planet when it comes to weight loss. They have more muscle mass than us and can burn more calories from just that fact. Anyways, good for you!

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  • Well if he's just a rebound then there's no point in trying to work things out with him. But outside of that, I think you are holding on to tight, waiting for him to screw up. You also care way to much about his every emotion. As for him, if he's going to reactivate his dating sites (when you're exclusive) just because of a fight over dieting, he's not going to be faithful. I'd say you cut your losses and move on.

    • Indeed, I'm just neurotic by nature. I don't have a lot of people in my life. If I had more going on I probably wouldn't care but it's good to know. He never took his pages off, but he just wasn't signing in until just then.

  • If he's your rebound you need to let him go, you're not being fair to him. He might not be looking for a rebound and you're going to end up hurting him. And honestly from what I read, the two of you do not sound like a good match because you seem to come to conclusions too quickly and then panic and he pulls away when things are difficult.

    • He doesn't even want an actual girlfriend. WE're not fair to each other and yes, this is a dud relationship.

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