What is the usual success rate for getting a first date?

I'm 22, but I've only just started asking girls out. The more I'm asking them out, the better I'm getting at handling rejection. With that said, I've only asked 4 girls out so far, and I've only gotten 1 first date. Here's my results so far:

First girl--got coffee with her, went on a real date, then it was done

Second girl--she said yes only to cancel the day before (she claimed there was another guy in the picture)

Third girl--I got no response. Then she kind of played games and after ignoring her for a few weeks, she's started showing interest in me.

Fourth girl--No response again. This one I'm particularly bummed out because I thought this had real potential...kinda weird I couldn't get a first date out of it.

So that's four girls, and basically my peak was the first girl I asked and then it's been downhill after that. Obviously, I need to get more practice/experience/ask more girls out, but what's a usual success rate for a first date? I'd expect more girls would be willing to go on one to see what happens, but obviously that hasn't been my case.


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  • It could be 5, 4, 6, or 1.

    All of my guys friends have success with the first girl they ask.

    Depends on the guy & the girl(s) he ask.

    It depends on what the guy has to offer to have a girl say yes.

    It depends on the girl(s) being available, straight, and finding s him physically/sexually attractive & emotionally connecting with him.


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  • i don't know about 'success rate' but what you have got going on sounds pretty decent.


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  • it varies per person

  • About 56%, or over 9000. Take the better of the two and average them out.