Is there a way to turn a guy you "hang out with" to a boyfriend?

I have been seeing this guy for a while and he told me he doesn't have time for a relationship because he works so much, but he wants to keep hanging out. I would like a there a way to turn it into something? or is it a time will tell kind of thing or a never gonna happen thing?


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  • Your best bet would be to just ask him out. If he doesn't have time for a relationship, then so be it, but it's worth a shot.


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  • The 5 magical words

    "Would you like to f.uck?"


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  • You cannot convert a guy who does not value a relationship with you into one who does. This isn't about time, this is about priorities and what floats his boat. My fiance owns a business and has 3 kids. If he isn't working, he takes time off to spend with his kids He logically speaking shouldn't have entered into any relationship when his kids' mom and him split up, but he was incredibly drawn to me and wanted love and all the great things that go with romance.

    If your hang outs involve sex, well this guy is really sending a clear message. He wants sex but any energy expended beyond his physical gratification is not worth his time. I will cast my vote for "never gonna happen" but if you don't have anything against waiting it out, well wait and see. Good luck!