Have you ever become angry with someone you like --for asking you if you want to hang out? Reasons?

Messed up history. Miscommunication.. Anyone ever become angry with some they actually DO like-- for asking them if they want to do something?

Why did you get angry?

hat did they say?

What did you do?

What happened ultimately?


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  • No... That's a pretty silly reason to get mad at somebody, especially if you like them. I'd be thrilled.

  • Omg! this happend to me yesterday,he didni't reply so I just blocked him and just dont' wanna hear it from him.I got angry because we haven't talked or seen each other all Summer finally I get the courage to ask him to hangout nad he doesn't reply. Later on fb he's going to write how he went to the mall with his friends talk about a**hole/

    • You asked him to hang out? Did he get angry with YOU? (im asking about someone getting angry for being asked you hang out..not getting angry for asking them to hang out. ) If you asked him, he would have to get angry with you, for it to fit my Q.

      your situation sounds like he is blowing you off. I don't know if he's trying to make you want m, or just don't like u? are you guys friends?