I don't want to get screwed over... Please help me!

I have known this guy for like 4 years and I'm best friends with his cousin. When we first met he said that I was really hot and that he would "do" me. I had a crush on him and he said that he likes me too. Well I was young then(there is a 6 yr age difference). So we left it all alone and I got a boyfriend for two yrs so we didn't talk. So when me and my ex broke up I gave the other guy a call and he came over that night and we hang out and what not. He did that for a few weeks almost every night and we had our first kiss.

Well then like a month in we had sex and then like a month later he went to college and he said that it was getting harder because his family doesn't want us together(age thing) so he couldn't risk the getting caught. I totally understood because I don't want to get caught either. He got a girlfriend for a few weeks then they broke up. Well we talked again later on and we had sex and then we kinda stopped talking again(my fault).

So he got home from college and he texted me that night and said that he was home for a month and couldn't wait to hang out and wanted to see how I was. I went to his house to hang out with his cousin a few nights later and he went with his friends but he was texting me all night and we had sex that night. then like a week later we all went sledding and he filled up my truck with gas and said that was my Christmas present since he couldn't get me anything.

So then a few nights later he said that he wanted to hang out. So we went for a drive and he told me a lot of things that even his best friend didn't know. We sat and talked for 2 or more hours. I later asked him why he liked me and he said its because I listen to him and when I listen I actually care. He asked me why I liked him and I said I don't know I just really do and I can't hate him for all the things that he has done to me. He said that all the other girls have left and hated him.

He also said that he doesn't want to have sex that night and I said that it was weird but he just didn't. He's been texting me and I asked him tonight before I left his house(i was over w/ his cousin) if he could come and give me a hug. He didn't text back or anything tonight. Last night he said he would give me a huge hug when everyone went to bed. It didn't happen. I'm just worried I'm being used and well that would be bad. I have known him a long time and he seems to care but I don't want another relationship where I do the caring and then get screwed over. I just want to know if he really likes me.

Hey everyone! So I just ran across this sad post from when I was 15ish well I'm now 21 and completely wasted 2 years of living with this guy and almost married him! Were still good friends but I should have listened to you all... dang it!


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  • Is this a joke? You seem like you just got used like a music instrument. And I'm not even joking.


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  • Well it seems like he is only trying to see you when it is convenient for him. It sounds like he likes you, but apparently he isn't going to go all out to communicate with you. I don't think you can hope for a commitment from him.


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  • When a guy really likes you...you'll know it. If you have to ask then he's probably just not that into you. I don't want to hurt your feelings but it sounds like he's using you as fling. So when he comes home on his college breaks he has a piece waiting for him. Dump this loser!

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