Pissed About No PDA?

Okay so my boyfriend tried to kiss me the other night in front of his best friend but I said no. Okay for starters I've never kissed him in front of anyone (were keeping our relationship quite) and secondly his best friend is my ex (my boyfriend doesn't know that) and only days before the best friend found out we were together, he had told me he still liked me (my boyfriend does know about that).

So questions:

Is it wrong of me not to kiss my boyfriend in front of him?

Guys would you be mad if your girlfriend refused?

And how to be more comfortable with kissing him in front of him?

BTW: I did kiss him later while we were all in the same room, we just wearnt right in front of his face, like wed go around a corner or just be out of sight, its not like I just refuse to kiss him all the time or anything.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think its wrong to not kiss him in public but you probably should have let him know ahead of time. That probably embarrassed him a lot when it happened. Nobody likes to get rejected like that. Just apologize and explain to him that you don't like to kiss out in public like that and he should understand.


What Girls Said 1

  • Its okay that you don't want to kiss your boyfriend in front of people. The fact that its in front of an ex would have made it really awkward (especially after him admitting that he still liked you with your boyfriend (his friends) knowledge. Most likely your boyfriend was trying to show his friend that you are his and make your ex back off. In the end your boyfriend might be a littlle upset but if you tell him why you didn't want to (you guys being a secret, him doing it in front of your ex, never being completely public about your relationship) then he'll get over it and move on.