What do you do when you like 2 people?

Guys/Girls: I'm wondering what you usually do when you are stuck in the middle of liking 2 people. I'm stuck in this situation and I don't know what to do.


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  • Honestly I think the best thing to do is only pursue one of them and let the other down slowly. Juggling two girls/guys will prove too difficult for me.

    • I'm trying to, just not sure who I like more and want to be more with. :/

    • I guess you just have to hang out with them more and decide. Its a hard decision but getting one of them for a long time is better than neither right?

    • Yeah, that's true.

      I like hanging out with them both, and I don't want to choose 1 of them and then lose the other. Besides, they both told me they like me and I told them I like them back, I just am really freaking confused as what to do, because my friends aren't helping very much, Dx

      This might sound bad too, but I think I might've actually used 2nd guy I like as a filler. Meaning he filled the space for the first guy cause I couldn't have him at the time when I liked him :/

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  • see them both and you'll see who you like more after a bit of time. Also, don't hide the fact that your seeing someone else, be open and honest about it! (and don't let any stupid prude on this site make you feel guilty for it either)

    • They both know I like another guy... that's no secret. I told them because I wasn't going to deal with knowing I'm hiding something from them both. The problem with 1 of the guys is that my parents don't like him. They think I could do better. And part of there reason for it is because they don't like that he's about 1-2 inches shorter than me. Which doesn't bother me at all cause he's really nice, and he can be a smart ass at times too but still... I seemed to have more fun with him in 2 hours

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    • Lol, yeah, I hear ya. I've gotten upset before about how they seem to wanna choose who they think is right for me just based on the fact that, "oh this guys taller so you should be with him, not the other guy because he's shorter and it looks weird when the girls taller than they guy" bullsh*t. I'm sick of hearing that sh*t from everyone I talk to. They can't just see into each of their personalities and choose from there instead and their heart.

    • Because they both truly do care, yet they don't want to see/find that out. My mom seems to want me to go for someone who's good-looking and doesn't seem to care about how much fun I have when I'm around him or any of that other stuff. My dad, he doesn't really have a say in anything. At least he hasn't as far as I know...

  • Think about how I managed to like two girls and will not get either of them.


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  • Usually just continue liking them and see what happens...since pretty much nothing ever comes out of it, I never face much of a problem. :')

    • Well, I'm hoping to get something out of it. One of the guys I've liked for just over a year (at first said he didn't like me back, but now he does...), and the other I've only liked for a couple months... ugh, I hate choosing/figuring stuff like this out.

  • Date them both and see who you like better?

    • As bad as this might sound, I don't like that idea.

      It seems wrong to do because I can just picture one getting a little too protective and pissed off that I might pick the other, or vice versa.

      Ugh... Why does this have to be so freaking hard?! DX, lol