Why he suddenly would not text/talk to me for the whole day?

Hi Guys :)

I've been going out with this guy for several times already and we both know we like each other, I've known him for almost two months and he would text me EVERYDAY, just to check up on me and would send me sweet goodnight messages,he's really sweet and thoughtful, he already dropped the I love you word on me(to my face) and told me he wants me to be his girlfriend etc. I haven't said I love him yet, cause I'm not there yet,so I just smiled. Then on Thursday as normal he's texting me like crazy and chatting me, come Friday I didn't hear anything from him up to Saturday morning..I texted him on Friday just to say have a good day I got no reply which is the first time and today(Saturday) I texted him "Good morning..hope you're alright..:)" then after several hours he called and asked me to go out with him tonight ...I didn't react and ask him why he didn't talk to me all day yesterday. I just act as nonchalant about it.

I'm just a little bothered he might do that to me always..am I just being paranoid? should I run off from him now? and take it as a red flag?

hope you can give me some insights. Thank you in advance.



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  • I don't think it's someting you should freak out about just bring it up to him that you texted him and see waht he says