Dating people with money?

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This questions is more to the girls, I have a mate who is 20 years old and has never had a girlfriend and is shy but when he opens up he is awesome to hang out with and could not be more opposite from the snobby stereotype people think. The problem that he has is he is not the best looking person but yet he gets approached by very attractive girls all the time, but he thinks they only approach him because if they see his car's or his watch (all his family are obsessed with expensive watches and has been raised around them so it not like he wears them to show his wealth) and even girl who know him through his mates know his background, because he comes from a very wealthy background and he thinks girls only want to talk to him because he is loaded and if they date him, they can have whatever they want and then dump him.

Any opinions on how I can change his mind set?

cheers Scott


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  • Either:

    hide his wealth

    take the risk and date the girls

    reevaluate the type of girls he attracts. it could not be just the money that attracts girls he thinks just want him for his money but because his issue with a girl dating him for money is not that's why she wants to date him but 'they can have whatever they want and then dump him.'

    be himself and look for more than a pretty faace and take into account her values/morals/personality as well. okay to want attractive but if that's all he sees don't expect more if a girl only sees 1 thing as well

    • no I didn't mean as like he only looks for a pretty face, I mean that he gets approached by attractive girls all the time without even talking to them, and I think he thinks that's girls he knows will know about his wealth and take advantage.

    • That's his own issue

      Sort of like a girl thinking any guy that approaches her is just looking to hit it & quit it.

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  • I think he needs to be more selective of who he dates, and hold off on mentioning his financial status in the beginning. Unfortunately, libertine & gold digging ho bags will approach a guy like him because all they see his car, watch, attire maybe etc. He should try to mesh with girls that wouldn't know his family or background. This will enable him to really connect with a girl who likes him for who he is and not his money. So, it may mean clubbing or hanging out in a different locale possibly. This method can work but he needs to be willing to mesh with a nice girl, slowly let his guard down, get to know her slowly and see where things go. No one wants to be used or be hurt for that matter. I can tell you there are girls out there who care more about the guy than the amount of money he has. At the end of the day, he can as much money as the Queen but that doesn't mean he would make a girl smile, laugh, enjoy a beautiful sunset or pillow fight. It's him as a guy that matters.


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  • Stop wearing the watch, stop giving off signs that he's rich. He should be open and express his personality more as well. This should solve the issue.

    • selling high end watches is one company his family are involved with and he is expected to wear them when he works or goes to see clients which is most of the time and even after that if his dates or girlfriend meet his parents or go to his house its a dead give away

    • Then he can't expect anything less than the sharpest gold diggers on the market, I'm afraid. The watch must go when he's looking for women.