Should I wait to text him? Or not text him?

so I've been hooked up with this guy a few time and the mornings after he'd say call me or something... so last night we hung out and his personality vibe felt different... this morning he didn't say anything thing of the sort.. I'm confused should I call him or something or no... Because the first time we hooked up he gave me his number and then id text him and he was rude or didn't respond but then randomly text or call me.. what the heck is this guy thinking or want?


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  • hes not what you are looking for. don't call him/text him. his phones not broken and he didn't go to china this afternoon. he wants to hook up with you, he did and now he's done... until the next time. a wise woman leaves before she is advice, walk away and ignore him if he texts you.


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