First date went well, emailed a few days later but no second date?

He asked me to go for a drink which ended up to be him picking me up and taking me to dinner/drinks, spending a lot of time together. There was flirting and hand holding. He texted on his way home about having such a good time. A few days later sent a message asking me how I was and how my week was going. We texted back and forth about our week/superficial talk. Then I haven't heard from him and no suggestion of a second date.


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  • I don't see a problem here.

    He might be busy and have a lot of things to do.

    He may think that by calling you right away makes him look desperate so he's backing off a little.

    He may be waiting for you to plan the second date as a sign of liking him.

    You're paranoid about it.


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  • send him a text saying that you heard about( a restraunt// movie or play // rock band // or a night club ) you've been wanting to try or see. see if he takes the hint . if not as the movie says he ain't into ya.


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  • Send him a text and ask how's he's doing & ask him for coffee after work. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

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