When should I wait to text him?

I met this guy at camp. He's cute enough, but it was really our personalities that clicked -- we have a bunch in common and have the same sense of humor. Both his and my friends said that we we'd be perfect together (partially because we were both tall :P) Our camp had a dance, and we slow-danced, and hugged during camp...He said he was going to give me his number, and then he wanted me to call so we could hang out. But on the last day of camp HE took MY number instead and hasn't texted me. It's only been a day but I expected a "this is ___" text or something, so I'd at least have his number.

I chatted him on Facebook to ask if he was mad and he said he wasn't, but...

am I just over-thinking things?

and if I'm not, or even if I am, how long should I wait for him to text/call before I give up on him altogether?


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  • Wait for like 3 or 4 days