Summer hookup won't leave me alone!!

Okay, so there's this guy that I met on vacation.

And he never ASKED me out, like withthe words,

and I thought (and hope) it was just a fling.

we went out a few times,

had sex once,

i only knew I'm for two weeks.

and now I'm back home,

and he texts me like,

"i miss you"

i love you

i don't want anyone but you

cant wait till you come back

and imlike, what the hell I don't even like you.

im a flirt,

i hook up with everyone.

but if we are "going out"

i can't do that!

So, how do I "break up" with someone that I may or may not be going out with?




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  • Hahaha. Maybe you shouldn't "hook up" with strangers anymore?

    Just be honest and tell him:

    "Sorry, I am a shallow girl who only has sex with strangers because I like it! You are nothing to me. Next week I will probably hook up with another random guy. You get me? kthnxbye."

    Honesty is the best policy. So is protection! (always use condoms)

    • i would tell him, but he's really nice, and ill have to see him for two months every summer.

      And thatd be awk...

      ya know?

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    • "Ugg, why is life so f***ing complicated..."

      Because you have casual sex.

    • yah,

      but most guys are fine with it,

      its all they want to.

      but this guy won't leave me alone!

  • Keep ignoring him. Eventually he'll get the point. You're not his girlfriend he's just obsessive.