How often should I deal or hang out with my girlfriend during school times?

We've been going out sometimes. We only went on a beach as a date because she only wants to go to a beach, and no where else. She kept saying "depends where" whenever I asked her out, and I feel completely mindless. Starting last week, we went on a beach like 3 days a week, and she came to my volunteer events on Sundays. We made out in these events. She refuse to eat out with me because she rather eat at home. She also wants the relationship private. We usually talk to each other on AIM every single day. She sounds unconfident to me sometimes, and she sounds confident whenever she's in the mood. I feel that I may be bothering or annoying her sometimes. We love each other no matter what.

Apparently, tomorrow's the first day of school, she's a freshmen and I'm a senior. She told me that she's going to hang out with her group most of the time during lunch in her house. She lives near the school. I don't know if I should try looking for her in mornings because I usually get a ride from my parents to school, and she might go with her friend who deeply hates me. I'm thinking about hanging out with her after school and lunch sometimes (esp. with my friends). Mostly I tend to be myself with my group. I'm also looking forward to go out with her on Sundays besides the beach.

Hopefully we will most likely talk to each other on AIM everyday at around 8 p.m. due to homework. I'm planning to sleep starting at 11:30 p.m. every school days.

1.) How often should I talk to her during school times? & how do I keep it smooth, less stressful, and less annoying?

2.) Is it normal if couples hang out sometimes during lunch and after school? Esp. when they only greet to each other when they see one another around the halls?

3.) If I ask her out after school, and if she says that she's busy, what should I do? How should I reschedule the event?


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  • Firstly she doesn't see this as a relationship! if you have to schedule time to see her then walk away now, as for AIM and whatever else? if the relationship is private then its not even a relationship, either she is embarassed or is just using you as one of many things like a safety net for example, is she is all that and is really into you then time and seeing her wouldn't be a problem but looks like she has to ''fit'' you in when possible

    sorry to be so blunt... best of luck

    • It looks like a complicated relationship to me. & I can tell that she's constantly embarrassed around me in public. We don't act like a couple in public, we sadly do in private. We get into fights sometimes when I'm too needy. Yes, she is really into me.. We even flatter on AIM a lot, even when she has lack of confidence sometimes. Do you think I should stop worrying about her too much? & how?

    • It is a fact that if you can't have something it makes you want it more!

      For one yes stop worrying, do your own thing blow her off when she wants to hang out, for ex say na can't not today hangin with the boys but ya welcome to come, eitha way text ya later... then don't text her. act like your are interested but don't care, she says jump you say fuk no. she says 5oclock Sunday alone in ''private'' you say na can't do hangn wid mates.. make her come to you... she will

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