Call after a few months?

hey, pretty random and already know the answer but will ask anyways.

got someones number a few months ago, tried setting up a date. she text back saying she was at work and would call later. she used exclamation points and everything to convey interest. waited, and no call. kind of left it at that and tried her the following week with no luck. upon cleaning my apartment I found her number on a sheet of paper. we had a nice chat when I got her number so maybe she'll remember?! even though its been a few months is it weird to call out of the blue and say, "hey, remember me? still up for coffee?" haha.


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  • If you like her that much, it's worth a shot.

    You never know unless you try.-good motto.

    Hopefully she appreciates the surprise and says yes. Good luck :)

    • meet her in a store. was completely random, so I don't even know her really. but she seemed cool.

    • Well still, you never know unless you try. She may turn out to not be very great lol who knows, but go for it :) The worst that can happen is she says no. And then you go ask out some other cute girl lol

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