I really want to date this guy?

But his mom is like supper strict and won't let him date anyone especially a white girl but he tells me all the time he wishes he could date me how do I get him not to listen to his mom and just go for the relationship


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  • How old is the guy? If he is 18 and not dating you it is either because he doesn't really feel that way about you, or he is so under his mothers thumb he is not worth dating. I don't think you will ever be able to get him to side with you over his mother. If he is under 18 and still living at home, then not listening to his mom could cause him problems.

    • hes 18 but nahhhh he's like obsessed with me lol he's just scared of his mom I guess I'm scared of her too lol

  • It's not worth it, he's a f***ing p**** if his mom is gonna tell him who he can and cannot date!

    • i guesss your right but I do really like him I don't know just wish there was a way

    • if he did, he would wind up breaking up with you because of his mom anyways.

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