Why does he kiss me so much?

i just met this guy about month ago and were dating for about a week now and he introduce me to him parents and his friends and he keep kissing me and kissing my hand and everything even in public and that was my 1st time kissing someone in public. then my friend told me she never seen him kiss his ex girlfriends that frequently so now I'm wondering why is he kissing me that much?


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  • Herp Derp...

    Because he loves you really much why the f*** would you even need to ask that -__-

    • cuz I just ment him and I've never had a guy do all those things to me all at once and so soon it just a whole different relationship status. & how can he love me with in weeks?

    • Some guys - like me - have a lot of affection to give. Consider yourself lucky, for I know that it does not wane much with time unless I specifically get told that it's annoying. If you can't take it, just ask him to "settle down", and if he's understanding he should.

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