Is He Worth the Time?

Ok, so I have known my friend, Zack for 6 years now and a year or so into our friendship we kinda started flirting and over the years I started to like him. Though, I never told him till our freshman year of high school. And when I did, he stopped talking to me and avoided me, I thought OK he doesn't like me. I was fine with that, but I didn't get why he stopped talking to me and avoiding me. That same year, I had asked him if he would like to come to my birthday party, he said sure and I gave him my address and contact number. He never showed or called to tell me he couldn't make it. I was a bit hurt about that. We talked over the summer and started flirting again. sophomore year, we had talked all through out the summer and we started to subtly and casually flirting with each other again in school, and my friends who knew I still liked him would constantly pester me about asking him out. I told them that he didn't like me the same way and just wanted to be friends and that I was cool with that. They without my consent asked Zack out for me and he was freaked and again avoided me and stopped talking to me...again. Somewhere between freshman and sophomore year, I was online and saw that he was too and decided to I'm him and ask why he was avoiding me, he (still denies) denied that he ever avoided me. I asked him to give a straight no bull answer to whether or not he wanted to date me. And he said that he didn't Because he still liked an ex of his from middle school! That dumped him for another guy!And that it would ruin our friendship. The conversation kinda dialed from there. I was pretty upset about that, I acutally cried. Sad, I know. Our junior year we started talking and flirting for months. Call me crazy, I still liked him and we had been in this flirting cycle for nearly our whole friendship and I wanted something more out of it. A relationship. And when I told him that he freaked and again stopped talking to me and avoiding me. Never gave me a reaponse. He did eventually responed to me with an apology for being an ass..not an answer to my question. Over, this past summer before school we started talking and kinda flirting with each other. At this time, I was going through some issues and he asked me if he was one of my issues. I asked him why he thought that and he says because when I asked him out, he was a total ass And says that he does like me a lot and that he choose not to date me because of lack of transportation. To have the ability to show me off and transport me places. I mean, really? I told him that being able to transport me places or show me off didn't matter to me. And that at times I like to chill and stay at home and watch movies, playing video games, etc. I do still like him a lot, but, I'm wondering is all this back and forth flirting worth my time? Is it worth getting my feelings and pride hurt again to pursue him again for a third time? Is he worth it? Sorry, if it's really long or has useless information in it.


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  • No, that guy is a total prick. How many times does he have to give you the cold shoulder after you lay it out there for him? And that complete crap about showing you off and lack of transportation was some of the dumbest sh*t I've ever heard.

    You deserve waaaaaay better than that douche. I guarantee you, he'll do it again. And all the time you waste on him could cause you to overlook someone who will treat you much better and be more than happy to be with you.


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  • He is definitely not worth the time. What he is saying and being an arse is a sign that he is not worth it. Anyone who treats a person like this is worth nothing. He he was worth the time he would be treating YOU MUCH BETTER. You can do much better than him. People like him don't even deserve to have time for. Forget him.

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