How doI treat this man? I want us to communicate without problems.

Confused, He tells me we cannot be friends because he likes me. He wants a relationship with me but he feels it is inappropriate because he is my kids coach. I told him I can keep it separate can you, he said, yes. Told me when he not busy we could go out on dates etc… because he coaches and works. Needless to say we still have not gone out, but I heard he has been dating two other female coaches and has already breaking-up with them. So, I wrote it off as I’m not his type…What makes’ me confused is he still flirts with me sometimes or his picking on me indirectly. He touches me not aggressively but soft touches on the arm and back. He treats me different from the other parents he ignores me and sometimes my text messages. One time he told me leave him alone he is not taken calls about the school; Then he sees me the next day with my friends and he comes up to me and asks what I was doing there. I am thinking what do you care? You just told me to leave you alone, He wasn’t coaching and we are not friends because of him so why is he talking to me after he said leave him alone. Help Advise please! HOW DO I TREAT THIS MAN?


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  • He's a manipulative player and if you want to control the situation you'll need to be indiferent to him.

    • What do You mean? Example please

    • Basically don't make him suspect that you like him and show immunity to his hot and cold game.

  • I wouldn't even give him the time of day to be honest, he's made it clear he ain't going to make it more.Everyime yu talk to him just make and keep it short and nothing more he's a douche.