Does he wanna hang out?

Here are the facts:

-I've been in school with this guy for a year

-We've been texting for about half of that

-He says he wants friends with benefits (I'm OK with that)

-We sext and its amazing and I wanna hang out really bad and I'm pretty sure he does too

-Every time I try to get him to hang out he says yes till the day of and then says he has chores...

- He only wants to hang out at night (which I can't cause my mom'll kill me)

- I don't mind making out in publicish areas so I'm fine hangin out during daylight


Why the f*** haven't we hung out? I really wanna make out and I've sent him bra pictures and he's sent me pictures and we've gone as far as I'm willing to go via cell phone so I'm getting bored with it and I wanna hang out so tell your thought please!


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  • What advice?

  • Well he just wants to have friends with benefits so I'm sure he's only ganna wanna hangout out at night nothing more.