Would you talk to her again?

I liked this girl but she stop talking to me. I lost my virginity to her and even if she didn't want to be in a relationship(assuming) I wouldn't of cared if we turned into friends with benefits or just friends.

Like a week after we had sex she completely stop talking to me, I didn't know why. Even though I liked her, I didn't care if we just left off as friends so I sent her a text to see if she wanted to go swimming. She didn't reply.

The next day I find out she was f***ing one my friends(Hes a 'Player', I'm a 'Niceguy'). I know we werent dating or anything, but it really bothered me that out of all people it had to be one my friends that I hang out with.

After I found that out, I stop sending her text and she never sent me any after that so I tried my hardest to let it go. When I'm hanging out with my friends she would constantly be texting or calling my "player friend" and he would never answer or reply. He got what he wanted and he always has other girls coming after him. I don't get how he does it, he's not even that good looking but girls love him.

Month later now she sends me a text to see if I want to go swimming.. Now she talks to me? Should I even reply? What would you all do?

Her text actually is asking if I want to go swimming tomorrow.


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  • If you do you are the biggest fool. Ignore her & ignore her for good! Your her fall back boy. Even if she did like you, which I doubt, she needs to learn she can't treat people like sh*t.

    Trust me on this, in a few weeks you'll feel good about yourself & at the same time start building confidence by not giving in to DICKHEADS just because you find her attractive.

    She ignored you over some player. That should be enough for you to realize what type of girl she is.

    • Thanks for the input. Ill take your advice!

    • Good man

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  • why should you lower your standards for some slut? Straight up, she's going guy to guy and doesn't care if feelings are hurt. If I was to find out some guy did that to be, he would be outta my life so fast. That's just playing guys. No one wants to be played. Move on, and ignore her, show her you havethe power.

    • Thank you, I was having mixed thoughts about it, but now I feel reassured that I shouldn't text her.

    • you can text her if you wanna be played, and no problem : )

    • nah I don't wanna be played, just sucks that I still care for her...

  • That's terrible. I personally would be ticked. I would say stop trying with her, she's a total waste of your time.

    • Your right it, just sucks it had to go down like this. Thank you for your advice!

  • No, no, no. Here's what you did, this'll teach her to not to this kind of sh*t anymore to you or anyone else. Text her back saying "Whose this?" and when she responds with her name, ignore it.

    • Also, why exactly was she contacting your friend after they had sex? What'd she want?

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    • She probably expected to still be friends. That's one thing most girls don't understand (myself included) why a guy would break communication, instead of gaining another booty call. Unless she's looking for a relationship, I don't get it. She probably only kept texting because he didn't respond the first time.

    • Possibly, I have no idea. It bothers me either way so I don't really want to find out.

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  • WAIT! don't answer until AFTER she goes swimming First of all. Second, wait as long as you want to answer her. Maybe a day or two would be best. If she asks you about it, bonus. That means she still cares, even a little bit. But remember, your first is a person you will always have a connection with. It's hard to let that go.

    • I didn't reply yet, and sorry I ment the she sent me a text asking if I want to go swimming tomorrow. So its not right now. I'm assuming she realized that my friend played her. Since I know he ignored her for like 3 weeks strait almost everyday.

  • Well what do you want out of talking to her? Respond or don't, but that's up to you.

    • She might be trying to get in touch with you show that she can find out more about your player friend.

      If you contact her, tread with caution.

    • The entire situation bothers me that she had sex with my friend, if that was the case it would just be like another bat to my chest. So I guess I just won't reply it sucks cause she keeps on texting me and I do care for her. :(

    • But I made up my mind I'm not gonna reply

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