Girls do you know how hurtful calling a guy a creep can be?

Especially if he's not good at talking to women in the first place? I wonder how many girls understand how this really hurts there self esteem. It makes them not want to try anymore. Sometimes they do this because they just feel a little discomfort.

You think you might have overreacted at one point calling a guy that?


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  • Look.

    You're walking around with huge flashing lights on your forehead that people can use to control you. You have one flashing light that says 'creep' on it. Any time a girl wants you to screw off, she can just say 'creep' and you go running off crying.

    Girls will say anything that controls you. Expect it to happen in a relationship too. 'Oh, all you care about is sex' 'you're a jerk'. blah blah blah.

    You CANNOT trust a woman you are with to give you an honest assessment of whether you are being reasonable or not. She's not an unbiased observer!

    You need to trust your own judgement of your actions.

    • Another piece of advice I give to all guys trying to chat to women...

      Stop thinking about picking up.

      You see an attractive woman. Maybe she's an idiot or a bitch. Maybe she's awesome. Do you want to date a bitch? Probably not. So go chat with her to find out what she's like. You're not trying to pick up, you're trying to see if you two get along. If you don't get along, you didn't 'fail', you discovered that you two don't get along. That's it.

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  • I know its hurtful, certain words can go frantic in your mind. Seriously any girl that says that to you is really wasting your time.

  • I've never seriously called someone a creep, only my friends or myself in a joking manner.

    And even if I encountered a guy who I thought was a creep, I'd never actually call him that. I'd just find a way out of the conversation politely.

  • If you weren't actually being a creep, then just ignore it.

    • Easy to say when girls have called you a creep basically your whole life :(

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    • What would you say is the 'root' of my problem?

    • How the hell would I know, I've never even met you. I'm saying you should ask one of these girls that called you creepy. Ask them what it is about you that they find so creepy, exactly.

  • It is as hurtful as a guy telling a female she is like every girl out there!

  • Why did she call you a creep?

    • I don't know. I asked a girl out once, and she said this to me. I guess it was what I was wearing, or I'm just not confident enough when I approach women. They detect my nervousness and end up calling me a creep because they feel uncomfortable.

    • Nothing wrong with what you did. She's the one that has issues. She's so arrogant and doesn't deserve you. Don't let such people affect you.

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  • I always thought that word is WAY to overused.

    I creep is a stalker. And a real stalker looks into your windows. Goes through your garbage and has a true mental issue with you.

    Just because a Guy has a crush on a woman and checks her Facebook every now and then trying to see what she likes and ect does not make him a creeper.

    Best part is Most Woman obsess WAAAY more than any guy will. They will hang pictures and notes all over her wall. write on her arm,Facebook stalk like mad, call and call, send text messages and emails. Collect everything that they can that belongs to the guy. Seriously look at those Pop singer boy band guys. These woman know NOTHING about these guys and yet they obsess over every little thing.

  • It's doesn't hurt it's confusing as hell. If we approach them sober outside of a club we're creeps. I think we should just stick with Facebook guys. :(


    A gurl! A phat momma! lets go bak to mah crib so you can get me sum of that water. I be layin da pipe down like a mulfulka! fo sho!

  • The word creep is totally illegitimate, don't let it bother you.