I think I'm going to get dumped today...

I don't understand what's going on. My friends and mother tried to warn me not to be involved with this guy, but who listens? So, I became his "girlfriend" and he was all sweet the first week and we would go hang out and I hung out with his friends. But, this week he doesn't text or call unless I do it first. I accidentally met his sister yesterday, so maybe that's prolonging the inevitable. I told him I was going to a show tonight and it's a band that he likes. I know I should have invited him, but I don't think he would have come. He gets up really early for work in the morning and the show is a hour away. I don't do well with PDA because I don't know if he wants it. I've never had a boyfriend before and I'm pretty sure I told him that. Does it sound like he's about to break up with me or am I over analyzing things?


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  • no, he's probably not. but more of that and he may. for the concert its the thought that counts- you should have.

    but really you need to have a long straight out talk with this guy. just saying.

    • More of what and me may break up with me?

    • more of like ignoring him xD. not inviting him, stuff like that. make sure you guys spend a lot of time together. and make sure you talk, and both of you should initiate it!

    • ok. thanks

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