How can I totally rock the first kiss?

OK, so there's this guy who I'm pretty sure is into me, and I think he's gonna kiss me.. I'm like, not at all experienced in that area, and he is a little more than me,

So any tips on how to make it great, other than obviously having good breath. haha


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  • All you need to do is make sure you have half decent breath, and not worry about it. You'll do fine. Just kiss him, and if it works out you just do that from then on. If you don't do that well, then at least it won't be that bad. There are very few girls out there who genuinely suck at kissing, generally the worst most people do, is mediocre, and even a mediocre kiss is nice.

    A nice pair of soft lips help, but don't use lip gloss, lip balm or lip stick. Trust me, more guys find that a distraction than anything else. Just make sure your lips are nice and bare. Kiss him softly, but mach him for whatever he does. If he adds a little tongue, just sorta slowly flick your tongue against his.

    Ultimately though all you really need to do though, is be yourself, and be confident about it, to a certain degree. If all else fails, it's as Musical546 said, it can be really cute even if you don;t have experience, so if you get nervous, you can play it off, and turn him on even more.

    Inexperience isn't a bad thing. It's true! After all everyone needs to earn it somewhere, and the cute, shy, inexperienced girl thing, can be a gigantic turn on for some guys. Just don't be too shy to try new things. Don't let inexperience stop you from taking chances. So don't worry about ruining it. You won't.

    You'll do fine. Just get out there, and have fun with it. Because I'm sure he will. If nothing happens, you can always kiss him if you can work up the nerve, but that's up to you. In the mean time remember that you have nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.

    Good luck out there. Not that I really think you'll need it.

    Go get him tigress. ;D


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  • lol. good breath and feel confident. don't worry about the actual kiss:

    a. it comes naturally

    b. its cute when a girl isn't experienced.

    • hahah how is it cute? I think that would ruin it?

    • trust me. to a guy its cute. lol.

      and no you wont.

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