What do you do on a first date?

What do you do on a first date? Where do you go? I've never been on a date at all. But I really like this guy and I want to ask him out. I just don't know what to do on a date. Can anyone give me any ideas or examples of their first date? It'd be really appreciated.


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  • Find out where he likes to eat or what his hobbies are......

    ask him out to coffee....it's really simple but you can learn a lot about him through conversation

    you guys can go out to see a movie

    have dinner then take a walk at the park

    idk anything like that would work.

    good luck

    • Thanks, you gave me some ideas.

  • I agree with giraffes...except I wouldn't go see a movie on the first date...you don't get to know each other as well. There's no time to communicate.