Do you date your ex boyfriend's friends?

I fell head over heels for this guy well we ended up dating. it wasn't serous but I was still heart broken when he broke up with me for the stupidest reason. we still talk and he told me that me and one other girl he actually had true feelings for. I still love him but I want to move on. I go to a very very small school, and 2 of his best friends seem to be interseted in me. I don't know if I should shw I'm interseted too when they are his friends.


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  • You are free to do whatever you want. Just know if they remain friends, you might end up seeing your ex more often than you'd want.

    From his friends end, they need permission from him. If they skip the chain of command on that one, then they might as well kiss that friendship goodbye.

  • You have to feel out the situation, if you can still keep things causally with your ex and his friends are OK with dating. Just go out with them causally, no need to rush dating them yet.


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