Why now? Is it because I stopped chasing him?

So there's this guy, let's call him Matt. I met him during Spring break at a club, we made out and he asked for my number. Later that night he texted me and then just added me on Facebook, then no contact. One night, I got bored and texted him. We ended up hitting it off and met up the next weekend. That was even better, he was all over me and didn't even pay attention to any other girls or leave my side for hours. Over the next week, we started talking a lot about dating etc. But I ended up going back to my ex. Matt did like me, but after I ended it with my ex I came back to him. Through out the time I was with my ex , I was still talking to Matt. But after that, he seemed distance and didn't really care. We ended up having sex two months later. We basically just hook up at clubs and parties etc. I liked him though, a bit but not enough to cry over. Why he asked me to sleep over that night I have no idea, it was after a party and he took me home with him. Since then we Haven't hung out. I would make plans with him, but he'd never come through. He was like that before we had sex too. I would text him about once every week. But I haven't in probably .. Two weeks at least. And now all of a sudden he's texting me asking to sleep over. Why now? Is it because I stopped chasing him?


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  • yeah it is because you stopped chasing him. because you stopped texting him, his ego has been a little bit deflated. he isn't sure if you still want to chill and spend time together, which is worrying him. he's become more aggressive about it, because you've become more passive about it.

    • So what should I do? The reason I stopped talking to him was because I didn't think he was interested in anything, so why bother talking to him anymore. I would rather he chase now, instead of the other way around.

    • well like you said, he randomly texted you asking you to sleep over. I'd say he's already begun chasing you, I suggest you wait for him to text you for a bit, instead of vice versa. and sleep over ;)

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