He randomly texts me. Is this weird? haha

So this guy, I Haven't talked to him in like 1 to 2 years haha, he just called me and asked me if I wanted to see his 8 pack...and before I could anwser he hung up...So he texted me a picture of himself with no shirt on saying count them :)(I was really surprised to see tht he actully did haha) Well before when I first met him he asked me out...like alot...i always rejected him and he used to always say that I hate him..but I don't I just never saw him like that..so he's kinda really super weird...and he's texting me right now and he jjust asked me if I wanted to marry him hahaha...and I said what? and he's like do you think I'm hawt?...ya he's really weird...and I don't want to text him anymore cause he kinda freaks me out sometimes haha...

So anyways...why would he just randomly text me and ask me that? I thought he hated me..i really did..hes even told me that he does before haha...so why would he randomly text me that with that picture? and don't say because he still likes me or watever cause I know he doesn't haha...so please help.k thanks :)


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  • Well, I was gonna say he still likes you, but you said not to. So, the only possibility left is that he wants you to like him and then he can be all like "can't touch this" to you. In other words he's an a**hole. Just don't text him anymore.

    • Wait a second, why is he an a**hole?

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    • Just keep ignoring him and he'll stop after a while.

    • i hope so haha

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  • Sounds desperate to me. Don't buy into it.