What's your most memorable date? The one that you want to live again.

I know that this question may have been asked before but I was just wondering about other experiences, maybe feelings.. whatever you'll like 2 share. .

Mine didn't even start by a date so I don't know if I'm asking this in the right category.

I just know that I once met the most beautiful girl, one that took my breath away, that made me feel like floating, that made time go by fast even though I wished that It could have lasted an eternity, walking besides me I remember looking at her. . . and saw her amazing smile and got struck by cupid right then and there, she had a great personality, humble beauty, and a magnetic attraction, she just made me feel like showing her all the best from me, we did talk and talk but I never once told her what I felt and thought about her, I guess at the end actions speak louder than words..but I still wonder how she felt about me..., I wonder if she thought about me the next day as I did think of her.

Saying goodbye, happened so fast but I did not want her to leave.

I have a couple of songs that brings back memories from her, you know those that you relate to someone special because you listened to them at the end of the night either alone or in good company:

Black gives way to Blue from Alice in Chains

Nothing on you from B.O.B

Now that's my story, feels good to remember that night every once in a while. . . :) but at the end, the only thing I can do is remember


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  • It wasn't really a date, but I met up with a guy I made out with at a party while super drunk. I didn't way to be there at all, but he was really persistent in spending some time with me. We went for a walk, and sat on a bridge by the creek. We talked for about three hours, and watched the sunset. Things just clicked, and we kissed a few times here and there. I could tell he really, genuinely liked me. Neither of us wanted to leave, and left reluctantly. There were bugs everywhere, and it was cold. But holding hands and just having a heart to heart was beautiful. We're in a relationship now, but he's away until the fall, and I'm missing him to death haha.

    • glad things worked out at the end, even though you were super duper drunk . . .lol life definitely gives surprises unusual sometimes. . .what parties may bring. . . wink wink type of thing . . .

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  • My best date was my 1st date ever. I didn't know the guy at all, except for the fact he worked next to me. He asked me what I wanted to do, and told me he wanted to try and do all of them. My list was: Go bowling or minigolfing or cinema or eat/drink somewhere or ice skating. He was really sweet and a real gentleman. Paid everything for me, held the umbrella for me when it was raining, and brought me home since it was dark already. I only was disappointed about our goodbye since I wanted him to kiss me, but when I think about it now, I'm happy he didn't kiss me back then. I wasn't ready for my first kiss at all. Oh, I like your question, it made me remember pleasant things c:


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  • Probably the day I took my ex out to Old Town Alexandria and took a ferry to the National Harbor. I felt like the mood that day was right except for my sorry wallet.

    • funny to say that, the wallet does suffer from time to time... but you still had a good day so it counts.