Age, physical appearance and turn off's in a partner?

1.) would you want someone older or younger than you?

2.) how old do I look to you?

3.) if you like it about looking older or actually being older in order for you to date a girl/ boy?

4.)whats the biggest turn off in a guy or girl to you?

5.) what is the prettiest combination of skin color, eye color, hair color, etc. in a guy or girl to you?( add anything else physically you might want in a partner)


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    2 17 - 19

    3 I like YOUNGER

    4 In a girl : Turn on : Her smile with red lips OMG so hot...

    Turn off : Acting slutty .

    5 Fair complexion ( not necessary white ) , red hot lips OMG so... hot , blue eyes preferably, black or brunette hair ...She should have decent curves like hers breasts should not be too small and it shouldn't be too big ,her butt should be soft and round OMG

    She should be 3-5 inches short than me ( I am 5'10")

    Having said those stuffs, I would go with a girl's personality more than her looks

    Looks might fade but personality would stay lifelong



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  • 1. Don't frankly care, as long as she's mature and intelligent.

    2. I'd say about 16-18.

    3. It's about maturity and being taken seriously and not playing games. Older women are attractive because they don't put up with, or give, any of the bullsh*t that younger girls do. They've learned through experience what men REALLY want and how men REALLY work and know not to go off of stupid myths and cosmopolitan magazine articles. And, I have to repeat, they don't play games! So refreshing...

    4. Immaturity/being a head case.

    5. Honestly? It varies depending on her face shape, body type etc. The only thing that I can honestly say is NEVER attractive is the combination of bleached/platinum blond hair plus a dark tan. When your skin tone is darker than your hair color, that just looks disgusting. Total turnoff.

  • 1) Doesn't matter as long as it is not a big gap

    2) 21

    3) Being older

    4) Borring / No sense of humour

    5) Tanned, light but not blue, brunnete or black hair, nice bell shape, nice booty, C cup or larger, pretty smile, great lips.

  • 1. younger

    2. 19?

    3. acting and looking younger (not so much actually *being* younger)

    4. being too serious / anal retentive

    5. dirty blond / light brown hair; tanned skin; light brown eyes; nice teeth; expressive face...

  • 1) I prefer my same age, but I have to choose between older and younger, I prefer the lowest difference with my age, and older for the same difference.
    2) 18
    3) Not just looking older, I prefer to have interests acordding with my age, but I would have a better adaption with interests of older people than interests of younger people.
    4) Being a feminist.
    5) White skin, blue eyes, brunette hair, the longer the better, but just the prettiest combination, girls with any skin color, eyes color, hair color can be attractive for me.

  • 1) About the same, although as long as its not too old or too young, then I'm fine with it.

    2) No picture = no answer.

    3) Not fussed.

    4) When a girl thinks that it HAS to be the way that the guy asks her out. If you like him, ask him for once? But what really annoys me is that the reasons she might give as to why she won't ask, are exactly the same reasons that a guy might not, yet most guys get over it, so should girls for once in their lives...rant over.

    5) Skin colour, white (not being racist its just what I'm attracted to) And Dark Brown hair, although really I'm not too fussy, that's just what's prettiest generally. It depends on the girl.

  • 1. I like a girl to look older.

    2. You don't have a picture.

    3. It's about looking older, I like older women.

    4. When a girl is immature, really submissive, talks about her own ass and how much I love it (you'd be suprised), saying stop when they like something... and uh... some other stuff.

    5. I like black chicks, eyes, don't care... big booty, big boobs, small amount of belly fat.


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  • 1) In the past I've always stated I wanted someone older, but I've met several younger guys in the past year or so who've totally changed my opinion for the better.

    2) I don't know, there's no real picture of you to get a gauge on how old you look.

    3) I wanted an older guy out of security. They may not be completely mature (Let's face it, guys aren't really geared towards full maturity. ;p), but it felt like an older guy still would be able to protect me. That and I just never really felt at ease in my own age group (until now that is).

    4) Public teasing. Yes, I can take a joke here and there, but if a guy touches on a particularly hot topic for you in front of your group of friends with full knowledge of the hard time your having, that it's a sign of zero respect when I don't need a whole lot to begin with to get a long with a fellow human being.

    5) I don't know about colour combinations (other than what I attempt to use on myself when I apply make up every day :p), but I will say a damn good pair of LIPS are essential. I don't know exactly what it is, but I love a full set of lips on a man!

    • I agree with 4. I hate that. It's like if a girl tells me "You should eat this, it's easier to gain weight" out loud...I hate it.

  • 1) Older, not necessarily older-looking, just guys in my school seam SUPER Immature.

    2) I don't know...

    3) Like I said, it’s more the maturity.

    4) Facial hair. It's creepy.

    5) Well, I want him to be taller, not like pro-basketball player tall or anything, not that I'd mind. But I'm 5'8", which I don't think is really all that tall, and EVERY guy I like the personality of, even my friends, I have to bend over to talk to. Oh, and I like fair skin, and I'm not preferable to eye or hair color really... But I don't like long hair. I just don't find it attractive

  • 1.) would you want someone older or younger than you? Generally older, but I wouldn't be opposed to someone a little younger

    2.) how old do I look to you? I don't know like 19

    3.) if you like it about looking older or actually being older in order for you to date a girl/ boy? It's usually just who I find myself interested in, and vice versa

    4.)whats the biggest turn off in a guy or girl to you? narrow mindedness

    5.) what is the prettiest combination of skin color, eye color, hair color, etc. in a guy or girl to you?( add anything else physically you might want in a partner) There is no "prettiest combination". Each physical characteristic can be beautiful in it's own right. Generally I like dark hair, but I've seen gorgeous guys that come from all ends of the world.

  • 1. Most deffinatley older.. I've only dated one guy younger than was horrible.. even though it was just one year.. he was just so immature

    2. I would say around 17

    3. Neither.. its about maturity.. remember.. girls mature faster than guys

    4. when they bite their nails.. or pick at their teeth.. or just overall bad hygiene

    5. Olive skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes, tall, muscular.. aka my current man <3 :)

  • 1) definitely older. guys around 19-24 years old.

    2) 16?

    3) In my opinion, you need to have the same maturity levels as your partner. For example, if a 22 year old guy was dating a 16 year old girl, I don't see any problem with age difference, but the girl would have to be just as mature as her guy. I'm pretty sure no guy likes a little immature high school drama girl. She would need to be mature, and not cause drama all the time. So personally, in my opinion, maturity is most important.

    4) COCKINESS, guys who check out other girls right in front of you, lack of intelligence.

    5) LOVE black guys with dark short hair, or shaved head shaved face, or goatee, bright brown eyes, and I LOVE dimples in guys cheeks, it's adorable. :) I'd want a tall guy around 6' - 7' range, considering I'm 5'10 myself. Personality wise, I want a guy who can treat a girl right, and a guy who can make me smile, and someone who won't cheat.

  • 1. Older, I don't like dating younger. But if the guy could pass for 16 then I'd date him.

    2. No picture..

    3. Both, I don't like feeling like I'm dating a little kid. And older guys tend to be a little bit more mature.

    4. Pervs, dumbasses, and fat guys. (Sorry.. lol)

    5. Tan or normal skin, light blue eyes, shaggy hair (not super long, just shaggy lol), and tall. I love tall guys :] lol

  • -older or younger by a year or so is fine :)


    -actually being older because older people are mature

    -biggest turn off is cockiness or like when guys brag a lot

    -hmm tan skin, deep brown eyes, dark wavy hair :) kinda muscly or a little bigger than me :)

    and that weird line beard thing I don't know what its called lol ;D

  • older, 16, being older, bad breath, green, white, red hair

  • 1) OLDER

    2) can't tell says your profile is gone

    3) both but it's more about his maturity and place in life

    4) lack of intelligence and laziness about life someone who just trolls around and thinks he can get everything for nothing

    5) I like brown hair, either light brown or dark brown and eyes I like any color for me it tends to be about the guy's entire look. I like a nice genuine smile and a chiseled face.

  • 1- Older I won't date younger guys

    2- idk?

    3- Actually being older

    4- I have a lot of turn offs that I can't look past

    5- I like tan skin brown eyes and black hair and tall? lol

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