Dating someone whom my ex-girlfriend knows, and my ex girlfriend kind of admires her too?

I dated this girl for about 2 months, and then I broke up with her because I felt that I didn't really had feelings for her, and also because someone else appeared.

Towards the end of our relationship, I started to talk to another girl whom both my ex and I knew. We knew her from some school activities. I found her interesting and felt like I wanted to know more about her and started to find myself being interested with her, though I kept my feelings at bay until I broke up with my ex.

After I broke up with my ex, we started to talk more, and I told this girl that I broke up with my ex over casual conversation when this girl shared a similar relationship story with me.

It's been about a month since I broke up with my ex girlfriend, and I'm starting to date this girl. She admitted that she likes me too so we've been seeing each other.

This girl is someone whom my ex girlfriend admires if I'm not wrong, and my ex tends to be very insecure about herself. The 3 of us are definitely gonna see each in school because of our school activities, and I'm just worried about how hard would take it if she knows that I'm with this girl.

I'm worried about this even more because my ex admires this girl as a person a lot as well.


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  • The fact that you even are considering your ex's feelings, just as you did when you put off seeing this other girl until you were broken up, shows you are a caring person and not just a jerk. It's great that you care about your ex and want to treat her as well as you can. But it would be going too far to not date this girl just because your ex admires her. Is it better to go out with someone your ex hates? It's really perfectly reasonable what you've done. I know you will not rub it in your ex's face. There is no way to keep her from hurting and if she is going to live in this world she will have to learn to deal with pain. There is no way to live without ever facing hurtful things. You can't spare her that. But you're doing the best you can by being as caring as you can.


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  • well I understand she admires her but then again she is now your ex..that means you need to find someone who you can be with , if you like her I don't find anything wrong with it your just going to have to deal with it somehow & not let it bother you much ... hope you can answer my question

    • I just somewhat feel like a jerk towards my ex. :(

    • true but what can you do ...not date because your going to be worried about her feelings ? you both have to move on & find someone

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