Religions...What you think about Muslims? Have you dated a Muslim?

What you think about Muslims and why you think that? Just curious. Have you dated one, if yes, how did it go?

I want to know more abou there culture


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  • Im a Muslim guy born and raised in Canada so I can tell you what you need to know. Some people who aren't the same don't really know our mentality so don't take their word for it :)

    • That is cool! I'm reall curious about your culture, you can tell me anything about it and I will be happy :)

    • theres so many things though lol and it varies from person to person and country to county but in general, people like me who still identify as being Muslim but are not too religious and are "Americanized or Canadianized" only care about believing in God and being a good person above anything else. I'm not against premarital sex and Gender equality is vital. I like to cook and do some house work too. I'm pretty open to other religions and cultures, I would date a Jewish girl if we got along.

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  • I feel that they're following a religion that makes more sense than christians. I'm not talking about the extremists covering up their women completely and still following the classic gender roles. I'm talking about people who can apply their religion to our modern day.

  • Yes, I dated Muslim girls but not for long before their famlies said no! That my intentions weren't honorable.

    They were right about my intentions, but since this is the US, silly to veto dates. The girls were not going to do anything their parents disapproved of!

  • I think they're fine on average. Based on way too many pbs specials I've watched and Muslims I've met. I appreciate their culture and values.

    I have dated one, and it didn't go well. We talked about religion once and I timidly admitted I was an athiest. She then lectured me about how I was going to hell. Then went along with the convo like it was normal. I lost interest after that. I'm reluctant to date another Muslim girl. Too conservative, too boring, too serious about their religion. Unfortunate, I like a lot of other things about them.

  • Every Muslim I met were very kind and humble people. A lot more friendlier and honest than most christians. Not including NOI members I'd encountered. If you are talking to a NOI member don't bring up politics or American history.


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  • i have not and probably wouldn't because my belief is that they're not too accepting of cultures different from there own

  • Hey! I'm a proud Muslim :)

    What do you like to know about us?

    • That is cool, my ex is a Muslim. Probobly soon we will be together again, but we will see,..Do you think diff about woman then Other religions do?like something extreme diff. Do you treat them diff.

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    • just because he is not your typical Muslim who lives his life by the book doesn't make him any less of a Muslim. It just means he is cultured and more accepting

    • We think differently then :)

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