Dating help? She "got away"

Ok so first of all I've had a history of being played in the past, so I don't really trust girls.

This girl asked me out a while ago(about a month ago) and I thought it was a joke(cause I don't trust girls) and just ignored it thinking she wasn't serious.

A month later(now) I actually kinda like her AND I found out she was serious back then... but I recently heard from a mutual guy friend who asked her about "us" and she said "Oh he waited too long to respond, so I moved on to a new guy"

So yeah it was my dumb fault. What should I do? I really like this girl and overlooked all her good traits back then for some stupid phobia of being played again. how do I get her back or approach her at all?

we're both 18 if that helps at all


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  • Well if she moved onto a new guy, maybe you weren't all that worth it to her.

    If she's casually seeing this guy, not much invested, dating, then maybe you can try something.

    Just talk with her. Ask her about her life.


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