Should I call him out or leave him alone?

we had phone sex all summer talked a lot then drama happened and we stopped but still had phone sex every now and then. last night I asked him if he dindt wanna hook up anymore he said we were never hooking up and I said when you get back to school I meant and he didn't answer then I said forget it we can be friends since your so bipolar and he better not have pics of me anymore on his phone he calls me drunk and asks why I'm being so mean and he can't read my texts since he's so drunk blah blah then this morning texts back and said he has no pics of me and I better not have any of him

i asked if he meant what he said last night and if he doesn't wanna hook up it would be nice to know since we talked about it all summer and he's not answering. should I leave it alone or call him out on how he has no respect and I thought he was something special but isnt.

i liked him A LOT and he used to like me a lot. how do I get him back what's the better way to do it?


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  • Damn, Call me :) I can be your phone buddy Lmao ( but seriously )


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