Guy I'm dating is on a dating website, advice?

I have been dating a guy for a few years. I just found out he is on a date site & actually sent a "flirt"

He does not know I know he is looking on the internet. He was recently withdrawn which caused me to check the internet to begin with. I asked him if he is happy with our relationship or if he wants to dates other women. He says he has no interest in dating other women and is happy in our relationship. I am curious what I should do.


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  • You have two options. The first, quit wasting your time and dump him because obviously he doesn't care about your relationship if he's on dating sites.

    The second involves you exploiting that dating site to get him red handed. The downside to that, is if you catch him red handed, he will probably say some really mean things to you realizing that the gig is up.


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  • maybe he's just flirting for the fun of it


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  • Your guy likes to get attention from girls, so he's flirting. I don't think he'll stop. Even if he's happy with you, he'll keep on doing it. Are you OK with that?

    • I won't be OK with that. That was why I fought with my boyfriend on an issue similar to that... :(